Sunday, October 01, 2006

Last photo!

Joe Thomas and Tarekalyn Edmonds
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Part 6

Good Times!

Chickcizo "Chick" Mucker

Jaleela, Lennette Yates, and Tanika Thomas

Phyllis Stoner and Eddie Clack....what was y'all doin? Haha!

Look at us! Don't we look good? Ha!

Tarekalyn Edmonds, Charese Bradley, and LaTonya Barlow

Part 5

Gwen Thomas having a good time!

James Willis and T.T. Knight...they're getting married next year! Congrats! are you going to get in the picture? Haha!

L to R: (front) Kenny Bullock, William "Billy" Wright, and Jermaine Russell ('96)
(back): Nathan Ingram, Jamar Reed, James Willis, Joe Thomas, and Edward Clack

Mr & Mrs. Troy Dubose ('95)

Nathan Ingram and Tarekalyn Edmonds

Part 4

Tarekalyn Edmonds and Chris Daniels

Jamar Reed ('96), Dee Dee Knight, and Dwayne Compton

Tyra Hinkle ('96) and LaTonya Barlow

Phyllis Stoner ('96), Charese Bradley-Logsdon, and Tim Lee

Edward Clack ('96) and Tim Lee ('96)

Leonard "Man Man" Gaither ('97) and Dwayne Compton ('96)

Part 3

Tarekalyn Edmons tossin' her "drank" in the air!

Charmae Cuff ('96) and cousin

Dee Dee Knight ('96), Charese Bradley, and Tanika Thomas

Charese Bradley and Tanika Thomas

Chris Daniels and Lennette Yates ('96)

Jermaine "Bubba" Russell ('96) and Chris Daniels ('96)

Part 2

Charese Bradley-Logsdon ('96) and Esther Kinley ('96)

L to R: date of Jessica Sanders & Jessica ('96), Michelle Schmidt ('96), Michelle's Husband, and Amanda Blanton ('96)

T.T. Knight ('97) and Chris Daniels

James Willis ('96) and Nathan Ingram ('96)

LaTonya Barlow ('96) and Nikki Compton, Dwayne Compton's Wife

Gwen Thomas ('94), Tanika Thomas ('96), and Chris Daniels ('96)

Reunion Dance was a success!

Charese Bradley-Logsdon ('96) and Richard Logsdon ('94)

Tarekalyn Edmonds aka "Snapshot" (she used to holler that all the time with Courtney and Niccola Perrit!)

Was I ever so happy to see a good turn out to last night's event. It was so amazing seeing just about everyone from the various classes at Shawnee. As Dwayne Compton and many others stated, you rarely ever hear something positive about the former graduates of Shawnee. We changed that and exceeded our own expectations. This should be the motivation for the kids that are now students at our former stomping grounds. Today's kids don't have the drive and ambition; they need to "see" for themselves that making the best out of an education in a poor neighborhood can take you wherever you want to go.

Although many people couldn't attend, keep in mind that we will be back together in five years for the reunion cruise. That's right, reunion cruise! Our school was known for traveling to exotic destinations so we'll keep that tradition alive. Right now it's in planning stages and nothing is final until we have a meeting down the road on who will be doing what. There's a lot of crazy stuff which goes on with travel these days and I have to get accurate information. I'd rather be safe than sorry, haha. But back to the dance, here's some photos of people just incase you're wondering who came and who looks like what. In my eyes, everyone looks the same!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Testing 1, 2, 3.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Saturday was a SUCCESS!

I'm so glad there was a good turnout for the event. Seeing everyone and knowing what everyone is doing was a treat! I will post pics sometime this week, I still haven't recovered from my convention week and I'm still running on the fumes of energy! Thanks again and look forward to the event at the end of the month. Oh before I go, We will have a mailing list and we'll check on everyone to make sure it's updated. Stacey, William and myself have been talking about a possible cruise on our 15th year! Doesn't that sound like fun? Take care and have a good week!

Chris Daniels

Monday, September 04, 2006

Head count for Saturday

We need to do an accurate headcount for this Saturday's outing at Cheddar's. Please send # of people in your party and we will call Cheddar's in advance so they can have our space available.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thank you to Everyone!!

Especially Esther; I appreciate you finding that program and getting all the names of the members in our class. I didn't realize how many people graduated with us! There is a get together for the classes of 1990-96 at the Holiday Inn on Dixie Highway. For those that don't know where it is:

From the West End
Take I-264 EAST - go 5.6 mi
Take exit #8B/US-31W NORTH/US-60 EAST onto DIXIE HWY toward SHIVELY - go 0.7 mi
Arrive at 4110 DIXIE HWY, LOUISVILLE, on the Left.

If you're going to attend that's fine but I do want our class to have our seperate reunion and different event for us to do during the weekend. If you all still want to have a seperate one, let me know...I'm all for it.

Friday, August 18, 2006



I think this is like an unofficial gathering of some of the students from our class. I'll have to check with James Willis to see what that's all about. However, there have been no official reunion plans outside of the steps were taking to make one happen.

Yearbook info:
Jon, I think I'll have to go to Shawnee to see if they have any yearbooks from our class. 95 (although it wasn't our year) was the best yearbook. I thought our yearbook totally sucked. I'm still mad about that half-assed job they did. Luckily I remember names and faces very well.

Have any of you been there lately? It seems like all of the programs associated with the travel/tourism side is out of whack! Since Mr. Gerald White was forced out of his position and now has passed on, things won't ever be the same. I spoke with many colleagues in the hospitality industry and it seems most businesses have pulled away from doing business with the school.